Opinions Of Matter: An Official Letter to GALA/LA

I have historically and recently had the misfortune of being accosted by the gay advocacy groups within Lethbridge; usually not ending so well. It would seem that some come back for more for reasons that are not entirely crystal clear to me. 

I recently received an invitation from the GALA/LA Board of Directors delivered by their President, Mickey Wilson (whom I am not on good terms with, historically or currently) to attend their next board meeting to discuss some issues/concerns I have made public commentary of within this personal blog (you know what they are)

I am entirely unsure of what that is supposed to mean outside of “We want you to come address these concerns with us”. I would venture to think that it would be a meeting to actually address these issues, but also to request that I essentially keep my mouth and my opinions to myself. 

What I find particularly interesting is that the majority of any real commentary on my blog has been criticism, and or feedback that should be treated as such. They could use the information to better their events and themselves instead of attempting damage control; drawing even more attention to the failure. 

What’s interesting to note is that the invitation came the day before the meeting I was invited to attend. If they really wanted me there regardless of the reasons the President had to not send me an invitation the 30 days following their last meeting; they would have made it a priority. I have since issued an official statement outlining my personal concerns since I will be out of town the date of their next meeting on February 7, 2011 and also because of my history with the current President.

To read the official statement, click the link: Letter to GALA – Letter of Concerns

Although I have a large following on my blog I respectfully need to point out that it is a personal blog. My subject matter has been identified as: “Your online resource for anything you want to talk about, but should expect the awful truth as a response”. The purpose of the blog is to provide a valuable (if not sometimes comical) resource to the LGBTQ community. More than 95% of the content is geared towards this subject matter and if I choose to comment on local events I can. I refuse to stay my personal opinions within my personal body of work.

Has anyone checked the official definition of a personal blog lately?

*per·son·al: [pur-suh-nl]


of, pertaining to, or coming as from a particular person; individual; private: a personal opinion.

*blog: [blog]


informal Full name: weblog  a journal written on-line and accessible to users of the internet

So just so we’re clear, a personal blog is a personal opinion on a written subject matter. Get it? Got it. Good!

Gossip Guy, you know you love me -xoxo

*Definations sourced from dictionary.com.


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