Welcome to Gossip Guy! Your online resource for anything you want to talk about, but should expect the awful truth as a response. The purpose of this blog is to offer advice to anonymous individuals and provide a valuable (if not sometimes comical) resource to the LGBTQ community. Specific questions will always get responses while the general informational library and advice columns will continue to expand. You can send me your questions, comments, scenarios and just about everything else that you would like answers back on while maintaining total aninimity. It’s a policy of this blogger never to reveal a person’s true identity when asking for advice therefore you can ask for advice on anything without fear of disclosure (This does not include the “Latest Gossip” page as it is current events within our community).

Check out the latest section additions to this blog; the “Dating Boot Camp”, where you can pull your love life out of the trenches, the “Manthropology Guide,” where a comical review of the different types of gay men will be published, and what sex with them might be like, as well as “Information Insemination,” you guide to complete healthy living.

Remember, this is a resource for the LGBTQ community in Southern Alberta; if you think this informational site is missing something please send me an email to request subject matter. I’m more then happy to make Gossip Guy a complete resource.

So don’t be shy, send your questions (and everything else juicy) to gossipguy@bell.net and I’ll make sure you get a prompt response back.

And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell!

Gossip Guy. You know you love me -xoxo

***Gossip Guy’s opinions do not reflect the views of any other person, organization or affiliation.

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  1. Love your site man keep up the good work

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